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World-Class Academic Content

  • Based on an international curriculum for 11th and 12th graders
  • Comprehensively covers the varied disciplines of Languages, Sociology, Sciences, Mathematics, the Arts, and Physical Education
  • Developed by subject matter experts and seasoned educators
  • Reviewed and vetted by reputable scholastic institutions

Informative and Engaging Lectures

  • Lessons are delivered through animations with high-quality graphics and supplemental pre-recorded narrations
  • Library of videos can be accessed anytime for reinforced discovery and retention
  • Available material from the basic concepts to the advanced topics

Immersive Laboratory Exercises

  • Practical applications of lecture topics are explored in detail
  • All the excitement and the challenges of hands-on classroom exercises, captured in virtual space
  • Developed with the visual quality and level of interactivity of the world’s most successful digital games
  • Accurate, detailed and realistic tools, procedures and results

Built-in Tools for Assessment

  • Tracks your progress in each course
  • Saves and retrieves your place in every ongoing lesson
  • Evaluates your skills and grasp of the topics through exams and hands-on tests
  • Keeps a record of your exam scores
  • Documents your overall academic performance and gives insight into your strengths and areas for improvement

Latest Courses

The Iliad (IT)

The Iliad (IT)

The Iliad Virtual Smart Book (VSB) Course discusses one of the most famous poems in Western Civilization, and is attributed to Homer, an ancient Greek epic poet ...

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Odyssey Italian (Odissea)

Odyssey (IT)

The Odyssey Virtual Smart Book (VSB) Course is the sequel to the Iliad; it was composed about the same time, 1000 B.C.E. The Odyssey is the story of two journeys. One story is that of Odysseus, the wily Greek who hatched the plan of the Trojan horse ...

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Music History Italian (Storia della Musica)

Music History (IT)

The Music History Virtual Smart Book (VSB) Course will deepen your knowledge and understanding of music within a historical context. It will discuss the foundations of Western Music and is designed to help develop techniques through a study of ...

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